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From Juli on: Signalraum




More than this Virtuality and Spirituality_ 13.-15. Mai 2010

Cultural Church in "Allerheiligenhofkirche"
From 13.-15.Mai 2010 between 8.30-24 Uhr

Performances, interactive Installations, net art works, video art and music including:

Iñigo Aizpiolea, Akkordeon, Iñaki Alberdi, Akkordeon; Janine Antoni, Videokunst, Nikolaus Brass, Komponist, München; Christoph Brech, Videokunst, München; Jörg Brinkmann, Medienkunst, Weimar; John Fillwalk, Videokunst, New York; Martha Gabriel, Medienkunst, Sao Paolo, Ruth Geiersberger, Performance, München; Gunnar Geisse, Laptopgitarre, München; Manuela Hartel, Performance, München; Maria Jonas, Sängerin, Brühl; Claudia Kappenberg, Performance; London; Jochen Kuhn, Videokunst, Ludwigsburg; Gunter Pretzel, Brasche, München; Frank Reinecke, Kontrabass, München, Antoine Schmitt, Medienkunst, Paris; Dorothea Seror, Performance, München; Karina Smigla Bobinski, Medienkunst, München; Markus Stockhausen, Trompete, Brühl; Tamiko Thiel, Medienkunst, München, Klaus Treuheit, Klavier, Erlangen; Johanna Varner, Cello, München; Leonardo Zaccone, Medienkunst, Rom; Michael Zeller, Autor, Wuppertal;

In corporation with the Cervantes Institute, the "Theatre of state" at "Gaertnerplatz", the collection Goetz and STEREOLIZE

Art Director: Horst Konietzny

The programme of the Cultural Church in the "Allerheilige-Hofkirche" offered art and talks to the relationship between spirituality and virtuality on three consecutive days.

The key aspect of the event on Thursday was focused on performance works, that deals with the "I", personal borders and overstepping these. The Munich performance artist Dorothea Seror has turned herself into a wax avatar with the help of visitors during a 10 hour performance. Manou Hartel showed dream-like transformations of a person within the colourful world of phantasies. Ruth Geiersberger looked at a different way of overcoming the personal self-dementia.
In Friday night's prgramme the main focus was turned to emotional conditions like how to experience people who are on the search for themselves, contact or love. After a musical opening by Elaine Ortiz Arandes and Gregor Dalal from the "Gaertnerplatztheater", the flm maker Jochen Kuhn presented some of his famous "Filmgemaelde" (movie paintings). Very personal and political reflections on loneliness, longing and love? The in England living artist Claudia Kappenberg and the Spanish composer Jose Sanchez Verdu developed with "Words in Silence" a piece that is composed of live music, live-streaming and video sequencesto a multi media study on communication and silence.
Saturday was all about music. During the three days there was also an exhibition on media art taking place. Video art, installations and interactice pieces of work were available to the public within the church community.

Three times a day the project GLOBAL PRAYER took place. The whole church community became a projection site for texts, that people uploaded to the internet from all over the world. These texts became an inspiration for public prayers.GLOBAL PRAYER

For nine hours, qualitatively high debates were held in regards to different aspects of the topic. Further information to the project as a whole can be found at OEKT

Bericht bei Deutschlandradio Kultur


ElectroSmog International Festival for Sustainable Immobility

March 18 – 20, 2010 The ElectroSmog festival is a critique of the worldwide explosion of mobility, and an exploration of the new forms of connectedness with others offered to us by network and communication technologies. Our question is if these new forms of connectedness can help us to develop a viable new lifestyle less determined by speed and constant mobility, which is both ecologically and socially more sustainable.


On March 19 live in the Muffatwerk Munich:

Public media art projects and sustainability 20.00 – 22.00 CET (GMT+1)


What are the prospects of making of on-line and media art practices more sustainable? How do artists and cultural initiatives position themselves in the discussion on the ecological impact of networking technology? What are the new models making more intelligent use of current media technologies and tools?

At 22.00 CET there will be a new exploration of the DIAL platform: a long distance dance collaboration between Morena Nascimento (Sao Paolo), Barbara Messner (Munich), Geraldo Si (Wuppertal) and Vincent Yong (Singapore)

more infos here: DIAL

  2010_Radioprogram for Bayerischer Rundfunk_55min.

For Example Konietzny. In the end all that remains is a name.

Radio feature for "Bayerischen Rundfunk", 2010

Download:BR Online

Vivid discussions about personal identifications in the committee of the foundation "Escape, deportation and reconciliation throw a light on people who were trying to escape from the regime after World War two from East to West Germany and fit in so well with their suroundings that only their foreign sounding name distinguishes them from other citizens. For example Konietzny.

However it is not only the name that may appear foreign, there is also a strange sense of being foreign that seems to be still attached to these poeple now living in the West of Germany, even on generations after. On my behalf I have again and again experienced how a sense of identity loss may suddenly evolve from the shadows of the past and develop into an aimless longing that irritated me to the least. For this feature I went on a journey to bring personal history back to life and found support in others sharing my name.

  2009_Anna gets Old

MultiMedia Danceproject for the Bayerische Staatsoper

Link zur Info des Bayerischen Staatsballetts

  2008-_A Day in A Life


A DAY IN A LIFE: Global Bridges

A DAY IN A LIFE builds bridges, highlighting the familiar in the foreign and the foreign in the familiar. The project A DAY IN A LIFE locates the global in the local. The peculiarities and characteristics of each location are contrasted with those typical and atypical to other locations, other cities, other countries, coalescing their similarities and differences into a poetic fusion. Enabled by the growing power of the Internet - all locations are networked together via broadband technology. DIAL

  2008_Radioprogram for the Bayerischer Rundfunk

Regie und Produktion von „Eine Strasse lang Erinnerung“. Hörfunkfeature für den Bayerischen Rundfunk. (55Min)

Direkter Link zum BR Download: mp3


Akustische Installation (LIVE) für den „Platz der Opfer des Nationalsozialismus“Im Rahmen 850 Jahrfeier München

Weitere Infos und Download hier:www.brueckenzurdemokratie.de


concept and realization of the multimediainstallation VOICES for the Jewish Museum Munich

  2007_How to run through spaces

Interactive videoinstallation „How to run {through} spaces“ in Hamburg. For the festival „Wir sind woanders #2“

The work uses faked surveillance techniques in order to reinterpret public spaces with the help of people who live in it.

  2006_Audioguide for MP3 players_Nationalsozialismus in München

Conception and realization of an audio guide system for mp3 players. Guiding through the places linked with the history of national socialism in Munich

Download hier: Download


Kuration und Konzeption von ARTCACHING, GPS driven art project in public space


  from 2004-_React

A random individual who crosses a targeted public area during the timeframe of the above-mentioned project, may unexpectedly become involved in literature. Passers-by of interest are stopped. Authors hidden within this area, proceed to describe couples and passers-by, going about their daily life. Those idly strolling about can suddenly find themselves being a literary figure. These texts, whilst being written, are projected on to several displays. passers-by can interact via SMS in real time. Thereby, React returns to the old question of the interdependency between personal experience and literature. How much of our personal experience, influences our writing and vice versa? After the successful initial meeting in Munich, further React projects have been realized in several german cities. REACT



  1999_Elective Affinities

Direction and curation of a festival of daily life. Strategy_Transformation of the daily life of a street into a piece of art in order to use its powerful energies as an inspiration for artists and vice versa

Participants:40 artists with the interest to let their work be inspired by the coincidences of daily life

Sustainability: We initiated relations between the artists and the inhabitants of this street. Our aim was that for four weeks this whole street should not only become an open art gallery, but also an artists studio and last but not least a place to come together and to celebrate the genius loci